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Welcome to my new environmental, with a pinch of art, project.

We humans have the full responsibility of the abuse of the natural resources as well as of their contamination. What we still ignore is that we are also contaminating our bodies with dangerous chemicals and synthetic detergents through the so called ‘personal care products’ that are supposed to make one look beautiful but not healthy and that don’t contribute to our personal hygiene. What we also still continue to ignore is that this reality is nothing but a cycle that we have created and that we are being taught to accept passively.

What goes around, comes around. This means that, for example, the detergent that is called ‘shampoo’ after we’ve rinsed our damaged hair from it, is being flushed into our massively contaminated earth and water sources that will contaminate the animals and vegetables that we eat. There is plenty of information about this reality, with facts and numbers by independent scientists and health organizations around the world, to be found on the internet. A simple research of each and every ingredient contained in what we use in our households, on our bodies, on our pets, on our house plants; using the internet as a ‘dictionary’, is absolutely enlightening.

Under this clear light we must also put the food that we are being sold and that we consume. Cheap and shady overly processed food, pesticide-juicy genetically modified vegetables and fruits, antibiotics injected meat from sick animals vs. ‘biological’ products.

We and the beautiful environment that we have been given for free, are not two different and separate entities. We are the environment and the environment is us, certainly when taking into consideration the magnitude of the consequences that we humans bring to the earth. This earth is not only ours as we and our cultures like to believe. This earth belongs firstly and by right to the animals and the earth itself and we should respect them. A sad reality but also a proof of our greed is that we have inherited a precious and wonderful world from our parents and ancestors but we are leaving to our children a destroyed perspective for the generations to come.

We need to regain the lost wisdom that our grandmothers had learned from their own, whistle enriching it from the abundance of learning sources that surround us. In this project I aim to share my own variations of the countless that can be found and from which I have learned all these years of self-education in this matters.

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